Building Healthy Relationships, Starting With Yourself

Breaking Free From Your Own Toxic Cycles After Divorce from a Narcissist

& Learning To Trust and Love Again


Are you trying to start living again, but your brain & heart won't let you?

Divorcing a narcissist is hard enough as it is. It's scary, unnerving, unpredictable, and brings a lot of uncertainty because of the dependency you've had on them. When you finally do get out, though, you have a whole new problem to deal with - the aftermath. Cleaning up the mess of people-pleasing, self-sabotage, anxiety, fear, etc... Breaking the toxic curse. You've been conditioned to not trust yourself or anyone else - so how can you begin to date again, much less love again?? How do you stop the negative thoughts and toxic reactions? They dumped a load of toxicity on you over time and now you're left trying to break the chains of your own mind so you can just live a normal life feeling emotionally free.

I have two questions for you:

Have you been out of your marriage to a narcissist for at least a year, but you're still constantly apologizing for everything, have low confidence and self-esteem, and are finding difficulty in having healthy relationships?

Have you believed that going to therapy should have helped you heal by now, but somehow you're still going in circles in with these things?

It’s time to break these toxic cycles and set you free

I’m Lorianna Steele,
a certified life & wellness coach, holistic wellness practitioner and public health educator. I specialize in the area of people pleasing, self love, and emotional eating after being in a toxic relationship. After surviving abuse and spending countless hours in therapy before and after leaving, I realized one day that therapy isn't a magic pill. I realized that unless I was ready and willing to make the decisions to pick myself up and make change happen, nothing would change. I'd stay lost, confused, emotionally drained, used and walked on, and scared of life. I empower women who have divorced a narcissist to reclaim their identity, confidence, and self-love, so they can build healthy relationships going forward. Together, we'll break the chains of self sabotage & people pleasing so you can thrive and experience emotional freedom.

What I do

Personal coaching

I provide 1:1 coaching to help you unlock your mental blocks, overcome fear and anxiety, learn and apply tools and techniques that will assist in your healing journey, and support you in understanding who you are and where you want to be so you can breakthrough to build the healthy life of emotional freedom you deserve.



"Lorianna helped me with so many things! I’m a better listener, have less anxiety, I’m controlling the controllable things, saying “no” more without the guilt... Best life coach I've ever had!!!"

— Christina D. client of 4 years

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